Devon Hot Rodz

Not so much a club,
more a gathering of geezers.

A laid back monthly Hot Rod meeting for those who enjoy that mechanical challenge.

We encourage the theme of the American auto dream - pre 1972 vehicle’s (unless radical), Hot Rods, British and American trucks and automobiles, VWs, choppers’ & bobber’s, The older the better, the more powerful even better still, but we can still appreciate the well presented classic and the odd rust bucket...well we all have to start some where!

We have no hard and fast rules; no regular meeting place.

Gals and Geezers


A friendly exchange of wisdom along with the good and bad experiences from the never ending learning curve of this "seriously crazy" addiction.



Our meet is normally the second Saturday in the month at 4pm bst and 2pm in the winter months, with a different venue every month to keep it more interesting.



Keep a watch on our Facebook page for details of the next meet or email us with the details of ‘you and your ride’ to join our monthly mail out.

Pull my Finger

(non)Locals too!

Also, if you’re not local but coming to Devon with your Hot Rod or just passing through drop us an email, here, and we may be able to meet up...


Remember to tell us about your ride!


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