The scene, perfumed by the wood-smoke from the stick fire, highlighted by the glint of gold leaf catching the last rays of a setting summer sun, hold strong like the memory of a treasured childhood home.

However, still mindful of the prejudices & persecutions, hazards & hardships that those times bestowed. As Patrick McEvoy writing in 1938 reminds us "A tent and a wood fire will become a home, but peace and security - as the Englishman knows them - will not go with the life. As soon as you have a horse-waggon & a silk handkerchief around your neck, you'll find that two thirds of the people in the world are against you."

Yet in spite of this, as all who yearn will understand & as Dominic Reeves so powerfully states it is "...undoubtedly one of the last links with complete freedom."

This space is a stopping-place for those who travel this drom. Our sign posts will be those who have travelled these lanes before us, those who have left us books and art, those who have built and crafted, those who have weaved tales & sang songs, those who have been and left us beauty. This site is dedicated to the preservation & restoration of horse drawn living waggons and to the skills, craftsmen & women, artisans and Travellers who keep these precious embers burning. We Further celebrate, preserve & perpetuate the old ways, customs & fashions of the golden era known as Waggon-time.

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