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Track list:

  • Cocaine blues
  • Debt with the devil
  • I don’t care if the sun don’t shine
  • Voodoo child
  • Yes I do
  • Uranium rock
  • No one else
  • That don’t move me
  • Pine tree boogie
  • Ain’t that loving you baby
  • 16 tons
  • The doctor
  • Bad bad boy
  • All I can do is cry
  • Switchblade 327
  • Desperado love
  • Black magic
  • Real gone daddy
  • Please give me something
  • This cats on a hot tin roof
  • Lights out
  • Baby please don’t go
  • Milk cow blues
  • Stray cat strut
  • I’m ready
  • Rock bopping baby
  • Midnight shift
  • Mama’s little baby
  • Twenty Flight Rock
  • Baby take me back
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